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Opinie lektorów Cambridge School of English, English Native English Speaker / Lektor Polski

Opinie lektorów Cambridge School of English, English Native English Speaker, Lektor Polski Opinie lektorów Cambridge School of English, Native English Speaker / Lektor Polski:

“Working for Cambridge is a pleasure. Everyone is helpful and very friendly. I felt at ease from the very first day I started working here. The  students are nice and they work well as a team. I also had the opportunity to go for a summer camp to the Polish Tatras through Cambridge. It was a wonderful experience! And I look forward to working here for the year ahead”
Natalie Halata
“Working at Cambridge has been a very great experience. The staff has been very warm and friendly and ready to answer your questions. The teaching staff is up to par with the latest standards in education and have the commitment needed to educate students properly. There is a vast amount of knowledge within our facilities with teacher's eager to share trade secrets to improve the quality of education at our school.”
Carlos Cruz (English Native Speaker)
„I have worked for The Cambridge School of English in Warszawa for over 10 years off and on, between my visits back home to New Zealand and Australia. From a teachers point of view, the friendship and assistance from all their very experienced teachers has been fun, both at work  and after hours. My students have ranged  from the young beginners, to international companies, teaching from the secretary to the president.
Their students are active, dedicated and enjoyable, and aware that Cambridge expects  results to continue it's high reputation. They have classes and teachers to suit all needs - from beginners to emphasis on FCE, CAE , and Proficiency Certification or specialization in Business /Accounting /Medical  etc. They have an extensive library of books, CDs, games to continue this high standard . I have had a great time with them, learning, teaching and achieving results and I am sure this will continue. It has been and still is my pleasure to teach there.”
Thomas Fraser (Native English Speaker)
“I've worked at Cambridge School of English since 2005.  It is the school's warm and friendly atmosphere that has kept me here so long.  Both the teachers and administrative staff work extremely hard to create a relaxed but professional learning environment, where the students are the primary focus.  Such an approach makes teaching at Cambridge a pleasure.”
James Daun (English Native Speaker)

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