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Test poziomujący z języka angielskiego Online i za darmo - bezpłatne test kompetencji i umiejętności językowych na sprawdzenia i znajomość poziomu języka angielskiego online

Zapraszamy do kontaktu z naszymi szkołami i umówienie się na rozwiązanie testu poziomującego "Placement Test".

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Part 1

Choose the correct word/structure

  1. Water at a temperature of 0 C.
  2. In some countries dark all the time in winter.
  3. In hot countries people wear light clothes cool.
  4. In Madeira they have weather almost all year.
  5. Most Mediterranean countries are in October than in April.
  6. Parts of Australia don’t have rain for long periods.
  7. In the Arctic and Antarctic a lot of snow.
  8. Even now there is we can do to control the weather.
  9. In the future to get a lot of power from the sun and the wind.
  10. Climate is very important in the countries.

Part 2

Choose the correct words/structures

Pele is perhaps famous footballer in the world. He born in 1940 and, at the beginning, his mother him to be a footballer. But he to watch his father play and, because his father practise for many hours every day, he learned to use his right.

He got the name Pele when he . By 1956 he Santos and had scored his first goal and in 1957 he for the Brazilian national team. The World Cup Finals were in 1958 and Pele was looking forward but he hurt knee in a game in Brazil.

He thought he be able to play in the finals in Sweden. If he so important to the team he would have been left behind but he was brilliant player they took him anyway. And he was injured he helped Brazil to win the final.

The history of the World Cup is short one. Football played for a hundred years but the first World Cup competition held until 1930. Uruguay the Olympic football final in 1924 and 1928 and wanted World Champions for the third time. Four teams entered from Europe, but with success. It was the first time professional teams for a world title.

  1. It’s high time I my summer holidays.
  2. Most children prefer to play do their homework.
  3. I to pop concerts when I was a teenager.
  4. I smell smoke: someone here before we came.
  5. Would you mind the window? It’s cold in here.
  6. work harder, you’ll lose your job.
  7. Peter denied anything to do with the burglary.
  8. Never before so happy.
  9. he tried hard, he didn’t manage to start the engine.
  10. If you make a mistake when you are writing, just it out with your pen.
  11. Although our opinions on many things , we’re good friends.
  12. This product must be eaten two days of purchase.
  13. The newspaper report contained important information.
  14. Have you considered to London?
  15. It can be a good idea for people who lead an active life to increase their of vitamins.
  16. I thought there was a of jealousy in his reaction to my good fortune.
  17. Why didn’t you that you were feeling ill?
  18. James was not sure exactly where his best interests .
  19. He’s still getting the shock of losing his job.
  20. Roger’s manager to make him stay late if he hadn’t finished the work.
  21. By the time he has finished his week’s work, John has hardly energy left for the weekend.
  22. As the game to a close, disappointed spectators started to leave.
  23. I don’t remember the front door when I left home this morning.
  24. I to other people borrowing my books: they always forget to return them.
  25. Andrew’s attempts to get into the swimming team have not with much success.
  26. The new college for the needs of students with a variety of learning backgrounds.

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