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Training and language courses for companies - English course for managers and employees, in- company courses, corporate courses in Poland

Cambridge School of English offers individual and group trainings for companies in English and other foreign languages ​​(German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and other languages).

We have also been organizing Polish language courses for foreigners for many years - we invite you for lessons at all levels (A0 - C2).

What makes Cambridge School of English different?

  • we have a carefully selected team of teachers - we organize classes held by Non-Native Speakers / Polish teachers and Native Speakers;
  • we value the time of our students – we offer a language training schedule, so the frequency and duration of classes are tailored to individual needs;
  • we offer personalized language courses designed to meet the needs and preferences of students
  • we are very flexible (the course's curriculum can be modified on an ongoing basis);
  • we carry out a two-stage verification of foreign language skills on demand. We have been helping entrepreneurs and recruitment agencies in choosing the best employees for many years. We also operate in cities outside Warsaw (Kraków, Gdańsk, Łódź, Wrocław) – in many places in Poland;
  • we organize a language audit before the beginning of the course (we conduct a written and oral test to obtain a precise assessment of the initial level);
  • the recommended tutor offers a trial lesson;
  • we offer a wide range of teaching materials (teachers supplement classes with TED talks, interesting conversation cards, language games, materials from the latest textbooks, articles from the English-language press);

The Cambridge School of English teaching staff has appropriate qualifications, professional experience and passion for teaching, making each lesson an interesting experience.

In - Company courses at the Cambridge School of English

  • individual or group language training in English and Polish for foreigners at all levels (A0 - C2) - general, business, specialist vocabulary (legal, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, FMCG, tourism and service industry, petrochemical, English for accounting, banking, construction, logistics, architecture and other)
  • individual or group thematic English courses (professional communication in the company, business correspondence, presentations, conducting meetings, negotiations, talking about sales goals, marketing - English courses for employees - conducted on the basis of proprietary materials)
  • classes conducted by Skype and the ClickMeeting platform.

In-company courses - Cambridge School of English offer

Cambridge School of English is a long-term business partner of corporations, medium and small companies. Our portfolio includes several hundred satisfied institutional clients and thousands of trained employees.

We offer, among others:

Company courses - General English

Group courses

  • Language training conducted by a Polish teacher
  • Language trainings conducted by Native Speaker

Individual courses

  • In-company courses run by a non-native Polish speaker / lector
  • In-company courses run by a native speaker

Language courses for companies - Business English

Group courses

  • Language training conducted by a non-native Polish speaker / lector
  • Language training conducted by a native speaker

Individual courses

  • In-company courses run by a non-native Polish speaker / lector
  • In-company courses run by a native speaker

In -company English courses- specialist language courses

  • Legal English
  • English for accountants
  • Technical English
  • English for HR
  • Social media and advertising
  • Presentations and meetings in English
  • Medical English
  • English for bankers

Other courses suited to the scope of activity

Training and language courses for employees of in-company companies - progress monitoring.

Each company deciding on company courses organized by the Cambridge School of English is served by a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for coordinating the course.

In-company rates are monitored on an ongoing basis. Every month, we send a detailed attendance list with remarks about the course topics.

We periodically prepare reports summarizing the progress of training participants. The document we prepare contains information on all language competences as well as strengths and weaknesses.

In-company courses - teaching materials

  • Materials for language training for companies are prepared on the basis of a curriculum written for the needs of a given company.
  • In addition, students have the option of using our e-learning platform, thus gaining access to a variety of additional materials.
  • In-company courses, business training: If you are interested in other business courses and training, as well as management courses, please visit our partner company L2 - Language Consulting =>

In -company English courses for companies,

  • language and English course for Warsaw companies, company training, language courses for companies

The Cambridge School of English has been organizing language training for companies, in-company courses all over Poland for almost 30 years - our client portfolio

The high quality of our training is confirmed by numerous references, which we provide on request.

We can be proud that the list of companies and institutions (English courses for companies) that have trusted us include, among others:

  • AB Foods Sp. Z o. O.
  • ALD Automotive Sp. Z o. O.
  • Coca-Cola Poland Services Sp. z o.o.
  • BMW Inchape Motor dealer
  • Hines Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Gulermak
  • JTI Poland
  • Linux Poland
  • Makro Cash and Carry Poland
  • Maxymiser Sp. Z o. O.
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Nestle Waters Sp. Z o. O.
  • New Cut Sp. Z o. O.
  • Novum S. A.
  • Paul Klacksa Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • Polish Press Agency
  • District Court, Warsaw Żoliborz
  • Starmedia Sp. Z o. O.
  • Starnet Telecom Sp. Z o. O.
  • Webtalk Sp. Z o. O.

Professional business training co-financed in 80-100% for continuous education of employees and employers by the National Training Fund (KFS)

To receive an offer for a language training or English course for companies, please contact our office:

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+48 601 920 293

22 622 30 19

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You can enrol anytime during the whole year for our language courses at Cambridge School of English!


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