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Intensive summer language workshops for children (summer day camps for kids and teens) aged 6-13 years

Dear Parents,

As we all know, the holidays are fast approaching and this year we have also prepared an offer of English classes in the form of intensive language workshops.

Holidays with English are dynamic classes in the form of workshops - there is no place for boredom! During classes, we not only learn English, but also sing, paint and create projects.

In the Summer of 2022 we will also organize a number of very interesting art classes and numerous trips (the framework plan of the day is shown below).

Holiday language workshops, like all classes at Cambridge School of English, are organized in small groups (from 4 to 8 people), which gives each participant the right amount of attention.

Intensive summer language workshops for children (summer day camps for kids and teens) aged 4-13 years

We organize intensive language workshops in the following blocks:

  • morning (from 9.00 to 13.30)
  • all day (from 9.00 to 17.15 with a 45-minute break)

We provide the opportunity to leave the child in our school from 8.30 and pick up around 17.30 (during this time children have coloring books and board games at their disposal).

We invite children aged 6-13 for intensive language workshops from the Cambridge School of English (Warsaw Center, Śródmieście, Żoliborz)!

  • Widok 10 Street
  • Konwiktorska 7 Street

Intensive language workshops at Cambridge School of English Centrum Warsaw - characteristics:

  • learning English everyday combined with developing the creative potential of our pupils
  • dual system classes - classes taught by a qualified non-native speaker and native speaker from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia or Canada
  • summer camps and camps organized in small groups (4-10 people), which allows you to tailor the program to the individual interests of the participants and devote sufficient attention to each child
  • language learning takes place through action and is inherent in physical activities, music and art
  • classes are conducted in English with the use of songs, rhymes, playing games combined with artistic and theatrical elements

Summer language workshops - teaching staff:

  • Classes are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers (non-native speakers and native speakers) who have a vast array of ideas and teaching methods

The current price list of language camps organized by the Cambridge School of English in the summer of 2022 is as follows:

  • classes 9.00-13.30: 649 PLN / week
  • classes 9.00-17.15: 949 PLN / week (lunch and afternoon tea included in the price!) => Buy now!


  • The minimum number of people in a group: 4
  • We offer a 5% discount for children participating in two or more stays
  • If you enroll your child in classes from 9.00 to 17.15, the price includes lunch (soup and main course), as well as afternoon tea (usually fruit or sandwiches).
  • Meals are provided by a catering company.
  • If you enroll your child for one class (from 9.00-13.30), please provide children with a second breakfast or afternoon snack.
  • The teacher communicates with children in English. Polish is used in emergency situations.
  • Cambridge School of English reserves the right to modify the timetable before and during the language workshop. Parents are kept informed of any changes.

Cambridge School of English invites you to summer camps and language camps on the following dates:

We offer the following thematic blocks:

English is fun - we immerse ourselves in English, learn new words and useful phrases and put them into practice

Performing in English - acting in the theater, preparing props, playing various roles

Musical English - we sing, dance and chant rhymes

Visiting UK, USA, Australia - we learn intriguing new facts related to English-speaking countries, expanding our knowledge about culture, customs, monuments, traditional food, clothing, and flora and fauna.

Around the world - we deepen our knowledge of the world, various countries and their cultures and traditions.

Visiting Space - we go on a journey into space, learn about the planets both discovered and those yet to be discovered

Boardgame World - Memo, Domino, Action - Reaction and lots of other board games - we play them all in English!

English Cartoons - after watching a short movie / fairy tale we play with characters from fairy tales

We read, listen - after hearing a short story, we play with the character personas

Framework schedule of the week of intensive language workshops:

9.00-10.15 - playing with English (conversations)

10.15-10.30 - breakfast (on our own)

10.30-11.45 English is fun

11.45-12.30 - visit of a foreign guest (Native Speaker) trip a) park (Saxon garden and others) b) a playground c) museum (exhibitions at the Palace of Culture, Children's Museum, National Museum, Copernicus Science Center, art galleries

12.30-13.30 visiting UK visiting USA visiting Australia (themed lessons)

13.30-14.00 - pick up children / dinner

14.15-15.00 trip

15.00-15.45 around the world and/ or visiting space

15.45-16.15 afternoon snack

16.15-17.00 world of board games English cartoons and/ or we read, listen to English cartoons, world of board games

17.00-17.15 casual play in English (conversations) / pick up children

Cambridge School of English

mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: (22) 622 30 19

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can a child take a cell phone and other electronic equipment to the workshop?

Your child may have a cell phone, but it is worth warning them before language workshops that they will not be able to use it at any time. Educators make sure that children actively participate in program activities. It is good to make an appointment with your child at one time of the day, e.g. during the afternoon break around 2pm. The child can also use the telephone at the school office. Due to intensive classes and short breaks, it's better that children don't take tablets or other electronic devices with them - there won't be time to use them anyway.

Should I give my child pocket money?

We recommend that any pocket money be small - a maximum of PLN 20 throughout the week. At our workshops, children receive meals - a two-course dinner and afternoon tea, and fruit is also available. Do children get water to drink between meals? Water is available at all times in the classrooms. There is also a water dispenser in the corridor. The child has special dietary requirements - can you enroll them in the workshop? We accept participants with a variety of different diets. In the event that your child is subject to a special diet, please contact our office in advance. .

Are there queues at the school's office on Monday morning?

Yes, queues do happen, especially a few minutes before the start of the first day of the workshop. We recommend that you arrive at school a little earlier on the first day of the workshop. There is a terminal in the school's office, but it is worth paying the fees in advance by bank transfer - certainly the administrative procedure will be faster.

Each parent or guardian signs an attendance list in the school office when leaving and picking up their child.

Is the menu available earlier?

Yes, the weekly menu is available at the school's office. The menu is also displayed on a blackboard in the school's corridor.

Is the class schedule the same every week?

The curriculum is modified and we try to make creative classes, workshops and outputs varied.
We work with numerous institutions, museums, animators, native speakers and therefore we are able to provide workshop participants with a wide variety of interesting lessons.

Very often workshop participants are enrolled in several courses and we make every effort to ensure that the program is varied each week.

What time are the departures scheduled for?

The participants of language workshops usually go to additional classes at 11.00 - 11.30. A detailed schedule is available at the school's office and will be posted on the noticeboard in the school's corridor.

Do you require additional accessories for art workshops?

The school provides all the art supplies and materials needed to participate in art workshops. Occasionally, we may ask you to bring several items. The school office sends e-mail to parents / guardians at least 48 hours in advance.

Does the parent have to personally accompany the child to school and pick them up after class?

The child should be brought and picked up by an adult who is authorized to do so and their details were provided during the registration of the participant. If a parent or guardian would like to authorize another person (grandmother, grandfather, other adult family member), a signed consent to collect the child by another person should be provided (indicating their name, surname, ID card number and telephone number).

Can I receive an invoice for participating in a language workshop?

Yes, you can receive an invoice. Provide invoice details when registering the participant.

The invoice can be picked up at the school's office.

Does the child receive a commemorative diploma after the language workshop?

Each participant receives a commemorative diploma with thanks for participating in holiday activities. Diplomas are awarded around 13.15 or 17.00 for participants enrolled in all-day workshops.

Customer testimonials

We are very pleased with the mid-day school program. The child returned happy every day, willingly went to the next class.

I am pleasantly surprised because this is not the first time we have used language workshops and have not noticed similar behavior so far.

I think that the child benefited greatly from these activities, especially in language, and it was a very short period of time, because it only lasted a week, Thank you very much, we will definitely choose your offer again!

Regards, Ola's mother.

My husband and I are impressed where the teachers got such interesting ideas for activities. Every day Antoś came back happy and his face didn't stop smiling when he talked about his day.

Mother of Antosia, 7 years old

We enrolled our child in a semi-camp in Cambridge regularly for 4 years during the winter holidays and vacations. My children do not want to hear about other camps .

The organizers are very open to suggestions, they are expanding the program so that children who have already participated in the camps are not bored (classes in clay molding or carving in soap - great!). Teachers have great contact with children. I feel completely relaxed in the knowledge that my children are happy and well looked after.

Malwina, mother of Mateusz (12 years old) and Ola (9 years old)

My 8-year-olds attended the course, there was a lot of English and a varied program. We liked the language workshops at the Cambridge School of English. The kids came back home happy every day.

Ewa, mother of Borys and Bruno (8 years old)

"It was our child’s first contact with English. Our son willingly went to classes, and through fun gained a large range of new words and phrases. This was due to the fantastic approach of Kamila and Ania "

"I registered my child for classes until 13.30, but after the first day my daughter asked me if she could stay until 17.15, this is probably the best recommendation."

"A very good relationship of fun and learning in a child-friendly atmosphere and various forms of play that allow the child to grow."

"We registered our daughter for 5 sessions and she loved it. At first, we were afraid that the program would be repeated, but the teachers made sure that the thematic blocks were varied.

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