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Language and Adventure Camp 2014 organised by ELSE London


Accomodation and food

“Izabella” holiday centre, with its beautiful location in the Wisła-Uzdrowisko district, has 60 beds in 4-, 3- or 2-person rooms. All the rooms are provided with full sanitary facilities and TV SAT. The camp participants will have a conference room, workshop room and multimedia room at their disposal. On the premises you will also find a volleyball and basketball pitch, a small playground and roof-covered barbecue site.
The curriculum will be put into practice by experienced and well-qualified native speakers, and the age and proficiency level will be taken into account while dividing the participants into groups. Carefully selected audio and visual media will enable the students to develop their skills as regards creative and critical reading, writing and selecting information, to learn the language unconsciously and to gain confidence when speaking the language.
Meeting new friends - day one is the time to get to know the supervisor and the camp participants; everybody has the chance to ask a person of their choice 5 questions to find out as much as possible about that person and to introduce her or him to everybody. The participants get to know their interests while playing communication games.
Holiday postcard! - we create our holiday postcard which we then send to our friends in Great Britain; life swap – on that day we can make our dreams come true, become someone else for one moment and live in a fabulous residence.
All About Food – we discover differences and similarities between the taste of the British and Polish cuisine – Shephard’s pie, fish and chips, full English breakfast or maybe pierogi or jajecznica? We get to know the principles of a healthy diet and the nutrition pyramid, we play nutritionists.
Places to explore – we go on a virtual trip around Great Britain’s beauty spots. We get to know Oxford, Cambridge, the Stonehenge as well as stories and legends connected with those places. We also create a map of the United Kingdom and mark key points on the map with symbols we associate with them.
Newspaper Project – we get to know the press for our peers in Great Britain, discuss differences and similarities, read sample articles and look for interesting materials.
Talent Show – we get to know narration techniques, prepare sketches and short plays based on our own script and create alternative endings to well-known English and Polish stories, such as the legend of the Wawel Dragon or the story of Paddington Bear.
Rope classes – the camp participants go over rope bridges and try climbing a rope ladder. They listen to the Trainer talking about behaviour rules in the mountains and learn to tie some basic knots. All rope classes are conducted by certified trainers, and the equipment has all the required security certificates.
Orienteering – how do you find your way in the forest? It is not always simple. Or it is! You just need to learn to read the map, use the compass, get to know topographic signs, draw maps and estimate the distance in the field. Once the kids become skilled, they will participate in daytime and evening orienteering competitions.
Paintball – it's a game that teaches you to mask yourself, play hare and hounds, cooperate within a group and to make fast, autonomous decisions. The participants will be equipped with special clothes and protective masks as well as markers and paint balls (100 pcs. per person). For safety reasons, kids under the age of 13 will ONLY participate in classes on the shooting range which will consist in shooting at a target, both stationary and mobile.
Survival elements – the camp participants get to know a few basic survival techniques – both in theory and in practice. They are going to learn the answers to such questions as: how do I survive in tough conditions? How do I build a shelter and light a fire without matches?
Games in the field – the camp participants will have the chance to try their hand at games in the field using the skills acquired during the camp. Guided by the map and special hints, they will try to discover what’s around the corner.
First aid classes – the camp participants will take part in a short emergency first response course. Our camp doctor will tell them how to stop the bleeding, bandage a hand and deal with somebody's fainting.
Creative classes – all our camps are enriched with artistic classes enabling the camp participants to develop their imagination.
Integration classes – we have transferred the speciality of the team building department to youth camps. The results are extraordinary. By participating in fun activities, the camp participants integrate with each other, get to know each other, an atmosphere of trust and confidence is created.

Dates for 2014 and prices

ELSE1: 26.07.11–07.07.11                PLN 1,999
ELSE2: 09.07.11–20.07.11                PLN 1,999
ELSE3: 22.07.11–02.08.11                PLN 1,999
ELSE4: 04.08.11–15.08.11                PLN 1,999
ELSE5: 17.08.11–28.08.11                PLN 1,999

The price includes
Accommodation (11 nights), 4 meals a day, very active programme, pastoral care, commemorative T-shirt, songbook, accident insurance (PLN 10,000 ), VAT.
The price does not include
Travelling costs, additional activities
Extra charge
-          Trip to Czantoria + downhill sledge ride + PLN 80
-          Visit to the Tropikana Aquapark in the Hotel Gołębiewski in Wisła + PLN 40
-          Trip to the Rope Park in Wisła + PLN 40
-          Additional 100 paint balls + PLN 30
What do you need to take with you?
Small backpack and comfortable shoes for hikes, sports shoes, outworn sweatshirt and trousers for outdoor activities, warm jumper or polar fleece sweatshirt, waterproof jacket, swimsuit, UV cream, headgear (cap or headscarf), compass, torch with a battery supply, school ID card, health certificate (properly filled-out, with the PESEL number and a doctor’s attestation!).
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