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English courses for kids and pupils in Warsaw

English courses for kids - English lessons for children

For our youngest learners, we offer in our English language school English courses for kids consisting of two 45 minute English lessons for children twice a week. Our English course for children consists of 30 teaching hours in semester, resulting in 60 hours in a school year.

english courses children, kids Warsaw

language courses for kids and pupils in Warsaw

We put great emphasis not only on teaching important language skills like listening, speaking or writing. We also think that in order to teach kids, it is important to do it in an involving and entertaining way, which are important elements of each English lesson.

Our teachers (can be Native Speakers or Non-Native Speakers) have great experience in conducting English courses for kids. Some of the students have been staying with our school since kindergarten until the end of school and have successfully passed various language exams.

We also cooperate with other schools. They offer complementary English lessons for children.

language school for kids and pupils in Warsaw

Language courses for children and pre-schoolers in Warsaw

English for children and teenagers - intensive weekend courses!

NEW! Intensive weekend courses for kids are opening!

NEW! Intensive weekend courses for teenagers are opening!

English courses for kids (Warsaw)

Cambridge School of English invites you to the following English courses:

  • English classes for pre-schoolers
  • English classes for school children

English for pre-schoolers at Cambridge School of English

How do we teach our youngest students?

  • we want the child to associate learning of a foreign language with a nice and safe atmosphere and have as many opportunities as possible to actively participate in the classes.
  • we conduct classes which are creative, dynamic and above all we present great enthusiasm.
  • we use many educational games, movement activities, music and art games.
  • we sing, dance, rhyme, listen to stories and fairy tales.
  • we teach using manual work - learning English through activity (paints, salt mass, moulding clay, crayons).
  • we use colorful pictures, charts, arrange puzzles, build with blocks.
  • we play the theatre and use the imagination. Our students watch puppet shows, act out various scenes and take part in short plays.
  • we focus on developing speaking and listening skills.

Cambridge School of English offers the following English lessons for pre-schoolers:

a) Learning English in the standard system:

  • English for pre-schoolers twice a week for 30 minutes (children 2-3 years old)
  • English for pre-schoolers twice a week for 45 minutes (children 4-6 years old)
  • learning English in the weekend system

b) Learning English in the weekend system:

  • English for pre-schoolers on Saturdays and / or Sundays for 90 minutes

c) Individual English courses for pre-schoolers:

  • classes for kids at the client’s home
  • classes for kids at school

English courses for children and pre-schoolers

The goal of our work is to develop language skills for children at a very early age and build motivation to learn a language. We encourage our youngest students to continue learning foreign languages throughout ​​all their lives. We treat our work as a very important element of each child's education and development, as well as a way to spend time in an effective and productive way.

We maintain the interest and enthusiasm of our younger students by using age-appropriate methods and language games. We train the memory of our youngest listeners by using mnemotechnics. Thanks to this, learning English is not only effective but also enjoyable. Step by step, the curriculum is being expanded with vocabulary, more difficult structures and elements enabling the development of individual language skills at higher levels.

We encourage our students to stay in touch with the foreign language not only during the lessons, but also outside the classroom.

We invite parents and guardians of children to visit the school. If necessary, you can talk to one of the teachers or the Academic Manager, who will be happy to provide all information about your child's language level and progress.

"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Let me do it and I will understand "- (Confucius)


English courses for pre-school children in Warsaw - Why is it worth it?

Classes of English for children at the Cambridge School of English:

  • English is taught only by qualified and experienced teachers (Native Speakers and Polish teachers).
  • Learning English is based on a tailor - made curriculum. We guarantee constant supervision from the Academic Manger. Curricula meet the requirements set out in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).
  • We focus on developing practical language skills.
  • We implement individual approach to each student.
  • Learning takes place through play, interesting language games, puzzle songs and thematic projects designed by children themselves.
  • We provide modern multimedia materials.
  • Progress in learning is constantly monitored and we prepare individual semester reports.

English learning and language courses for children - teaching methodology:

  • The TPR method (Total Physical Response)

This method means that the child’s body responds to individual commands. In the early stages of language development, the teacher communicates with students by issuing instructions. The students demonstrate the understanding with their movement and appropriate response. Simple instructions are repeated until the students record how they are to respond to them. Initially, the student is not required to repeat the instructions. During the learning process, students try to give instructions on their own. Learning English using this method provides a lot of fun and greater involvement on the part of students.

  • The Story-line method

The essence of this method is to present to children a real or fictitious story, where various situations that children encounter in everyday life are presented. The center of the method is the story. The action takes place in a learning group within a few days, while students are the protagonists of the story and play different roles in it. The main premise is developing the learners’ independence and involvement of students. One of the biggest benefits of the Storyline Method is deployment of ingenuity and commitment of children, which motivates them to learn the language. English courses for children based on this method also help develop teamwork skills.

  • The Natural approach

This method uses techniques that mimic the process of learning a native language by a child. The teacher's task is to create situations that enable students to listen to the language and understand a given statement. The teacher communicates with children in a foreign language, while supporting their speech with gestures, facial expressions or body movements. The teacher repeats their words and describes activities in a manner similar to communication in their native language. Thanks to this method, learning English by children is natural. They have the opportunity to be immersed in a foreign language in a natural setting.

If you are interested in signing up for English lessons for pre-schoolers or pupils, please contact the office:

Cambridge School of English and Cambridge Academy

Tel. 22 622 30 19 or 601 920 293

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

language school for children in Warsaw

summer courses for kids and pupils in Warsaw


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