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Spanish language courses online

Individual and group lessons, tutoring, exam preparation

Spanish for business – language training in companies

“Without a knowledge of languages you feel as if you don’t have a passport.” Anton Chekhov

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In our language school you may acquire in our Spanish online courses the ability to speak Spanish and:
* join the group at any advancement level according to the principles of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or,
* sign up for individual Spanish lessons, fully adapted to your needs, aims, linguistic possibilities and time. Individual Spanish lessons can take place at your firm, home or in the professionally prepared classrooms in our language schools in Warsaw at:
- Centrum, Aleje Jerozolimskie 91
- Centrum, ul. Marszałkowska 8/17
- Ochota, ul. Pruszkowska 6A
- Targówek, ul. Gorzykowska 11
- Tarchomin, ul. Myśliborska 98
Spanish online lessons can begin whenever you wish, the course pace is adjusted to your preferences. In our school there are no vacations or breaks, each moment is ideal to start your language education.
We guarantee above-average exam passing results to our course participants. Our teachers display a professional approach and they use methods and teaching techniques that take into account your previous language experience. They will help you quickly develop your most desired skills.
The Cambridge Academy and the Cambridge School of English can boast of qualified teachers with adequate philological and/or linguistic education, extensive professional experience, as well as revealing unique personality traits like kindness, enthusiastic approach to teaching, openness for the new methods. Apart from the language competences, most of our teachers are equipped with a broad cultural context in which the Spanish language is embedded.
“What is the influence of not learning any foreign language on the society?Probably similar to complete isolation of an individual from the rest of the society.”Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
The Cambridge Academy offers Spanish online anguage courses with a teacher commuting to your house or work throughout Poland. We are able to meet the needs of all learners regardless of the fact whether the Spanish language is acquired in order to enhance your prospects, start university education in Spanish-speaking countries, increase general knowledge or to get to know the culture of the given country through the language.
Our Spanish courses are not based on a single method only - we teach in the way guaranteeing our Students maximum effectiveness. In each class, we practice all language skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension). The base for our course is the handbook which we supplement with: press articles, fragments of movies, series, feature programs, TV and radio news, creatively used Internet resources and multimedia programs. We adapt the teaching methods to the Students by using the latest accomplishments in the field of educational psychology. We use simulations, visualizations, psychogames, role playing, a variety of dialogues, quizzes and discussions in pairs and groups. We want our Students to acquire skills in obtaining and giving information in the Spanish language.
All the teaching methods and techniques used by our school, selection of training, additional and supplementary materials, system for evaluating language progress, system for didactic process control, as well as administrative and office cooperation with the Students are primarily designed to continuously motivate the learners and to provide information on language competence of the Students to their employers, parents, schools, teachers and learners themselves. Each semester every Student receives a report with detailed information concerning his or her progress. Our school has the authority to issue certificates on printed matter MEN (for English language only).


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